Hunting in Africa – the Big Five

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Hunting in Africa is an unforgettable experience. The exotic nature, the hospitable locals and the Big five define this continent as one of the most attractive destinations for trophy hunters and thrill-seekers. Join our hunting trips for an experience that one will remember. You will receive exclusive opportunities to add in your collection trophies of lion, leopard, rhino, elephant, and buffalo. Africa also offers not only the animals of the Big Five but the plenty of exotic species for hunting.

Hunting in Africa

Hunting destinations

The Republic of South Africa is at the top of the hunting destinations ranking not only in the hot continent but all over the world. There are more than twenty different species on the territory of South Africa. The country is separated into nine hunting regions. Each one of them has its own characteristic terrain. Tanzania, which is known as the African hunting paradise, is a serious rival of South Africa as a preferred destination for game hunt. The largest hunting reserve is located in the country. Recently, Namibia has gained wide popularity among the hunters. There are over 30 species of game and perfect organization of hunting safaris in the large savannas in Namibia. Traditional African hunting destinations include also Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Botswana.

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