Hunting in Asia – the great adventure

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Russia is one of the most challenging destinations for hunting in Asia. Russia has a vast territory. Its landscape includes an endless wilderness, steppes, tundras, wild plains, and large areas, covered with mountain coniferous forests. The wildlife of this enormous territory is a perfect home for a vast range of trophy animals. Almost any kind of game could be traced and hunted in its natural habitat. Hunting in Russia is not only a remarkable adventure but also a thrilling experience to be remembered for a lifetime.

You can trust our experienced guides with your hunting trip. They will take you to the wildest places and the most difficult to access locations, you will have to get through the highest ridges in order to catch the biggest trophy animals all over the world.

hunting in asia

Plenty of game species

There is a variety of game you can hunt such as the Asian black bear, wolves, lynxes, capercaillies, America moose, several kinds of deer-like red deer, musk deer, also wild goat, west Caucasian tur. Russia offers a unique opportunity for hunting Siberian musk deer, which is a precious game. The Peninsula of Kamchatka is the most popular Brown bear hunting area and natural habitat for the Alaska moose.

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