What mountains can unveil

What mountains can unveil

After a breathtaking trip in the mountains we returned with great trophies and loaded with emotions. All group members are enchanted by the nature and wildlife in the mountain. See our photos here. Sagano Bamboo Forest is located in Arashiyama,…

A hunting trip to Africa

hunting trip to africa

Our last hunting trip to Africa brought intense emotions to the group. We had great weather and were lucky to encounter amazing animals. Check some photos of the trip. Chimpanzees, gorillas, crocodiles, various species of snakes and reptiles are found…

Hunting in Bulgaria

hunting in Europe

Hunting in Bulgaria Have you considered hunting in Bulgaria’s fascinating mountains. Do not hesitate to contact our team. We will guide yo to the best time of the year, all papers and accommodaion. In Bulgaria, hunting organized movement and was…

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