Hunting in Europe – a thrilling experience

– Sweden – Scotland – England – Ireland – Spain -France – Balkan countries – Belarus

Europe has been famous for its long tradition of hunting for ages. People did hunting in Europe for a living in the past. Nowadays it is practiced for the pleasure of the thrilling experience and the earning of trophies. You can trust us with your hunting adventure in the wild forests of the European countries. The diverse climatic conditions, suitable terrains, an abundance of game, and bird species are all reasons to choose the Old continent for your destination.

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Attractive hunting locations

Norway and Sweden are two of the most attractive hunting locations in Europe, where the moose is an emblematical animal and the most valuable trophy is the bull. Scotland, England, Ireland, Spain and France are among the list of preferred hunting destinations, as well as. Some Balkan countries such as Montenegro, Serbia, and Bulgaria are proud to be placed with high ratings for hunting. Bulgaria is known for its high-quality trophies. The large variety of terrains makes Bulgaria a perfect home to a vast range of species. You are allowed to hunt many animal species such as quails, ducks, snipes, boars, bears, rabbits, chamois, and wolves.

Another hunting destination in Europe, recommended by specialized editions is Belarus. Forty percent of the country’s territory is covered with forests. This country gives hunters the opportunity for an exciting experience in chase of the European bison, which is the national animal of Belarus.

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